Companies that excel in demand planning and forecasting are more efficient, realize better returns on invested capital, and provide better service to their customers. Experts also agree that there are numerous intangible benefits to better demand planning like increased accountability in sales and production, and better strategic and organizational alignment. That’s why the demand plan is the first and most important part of any executive sales and operations process.

In spite of the many benefits, the demand planning capabilities in modern ERP systems have continued to fall well short of business needs. Either they have no capabilities at all, or they’re unwieldy, inflexible and difficult to implement and support, or they’re so basic that they’re un-usable. For these reasons, demand planning is one of the most popular integrated solutions for manufacturing and distribution companies.

Comprehensive Suite for S&OP

Demand Works offers solutions for the desktop, server, and the cloud. Our product range includes forecasting, collaborative demand planning, inventory planning and optimization, and sales and operations planning.

We’re best known for our world class server and cloud-based offerings, Smoothie? Server and Cloud Smoothie?. These products are 100 percent browser-based, extremely scalable, and offer the most complete functionality and deployability. But, you don’t have to start big. You can start right away with the Smoothie? Desktop using spreadsheet or other readily available data sources.

Uncompromising Functionality

The Smoothie solutions offer all of the capabilities that you would expect from a best of breed forecasting and demand management solution, including:

  • Highly accurate automatic forecasting engine for level, trended, intermittent, or seasonal time series;
  • Pivot Forecasting?, a unique technology that makes it possible to forecast at any level with mixed product, channel, customer, and geographic hierarchies;
  • Ability to link items and borrow history from similar or predecessor items;
  • Advanced forecast performance management;
  • Support for promotions, events, and new products;
  • Multiple scenarios, role-based security and extensive support for collaboration.

No other solution has Pivot Forecasting (or anything like it). You can literally make complex multi-level hierarchies as you go, and users can work in sales currency, units, cost, or any alternative unit of measure.

World Class Technology

Smoothie Server and Cloud Smoothie are 100 percent browser-based, making them the most deployable solutions of their kind. And, users will quickly see that there is absolutely no tradeoff in usability. The user interface is highly interactive and graphical, yet it performs well in challenging, long-distance networks. Smoothie is also extremely scalable, easily supporting scenarios with hundreds of thousands of item-customer combinations.

The affordable desktop editions have much of the same functionality as the server solutions, plus they install easily and can be up and running with spreadsheet data in a matter of minutes.